by Falter MKE

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released October 4, 2012



all rights reserved


Falter MKE Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Betray
Every single day. I don't want to try. Sick of all this shit. Sick of this fucking life. Every fucking morning I curse my shit luck, because last night in bed. I prayed I wouldn't wake up. Everyday I endure this pain part of me is torn away. Getting out of touch of life I used to know. Slipping further and further into a world unknown. There's a void in my head where trust used to go. There's nothing left for me here. It's time to give up. Days of pain. I can't talk or eat. Weeks of pain. I can't fucking sleep. I've been betrayed. Months with no words. I can't take it. I'm going to break.
Track Name: Desolate
Hopeless disconnect. Right there with me but I'm still alone. Try to break through, it's no use. Can't break free, there's no hope. I can't relate. I just can't feel this way. Can't share those thoughts. So I push you out again. Lying on thin ice miles from the shore. There's a wasteland between us. It's nothing but desolate.
Track Name: Sellout
We grew up at the skatepark. We hated sports and the jocks hated us. We never had a shred of respect for the bullshit culture they embrace. Then they attacked and you're not fighting back. You've defected to the other side. You fucking sellouts you don't have any pride. You sold your fucking souls to ride the hype and brought the jock lifestyle into our parks. You're a fucking joke. The jocks bought you out. Sunglasses on the back of your head. You'd look cooler if you were fucking dead.
Track Name: Deaf
Tear me apart. Rip me down.
Try to force me to understand.
That I'm flawed. That I'm fucked up.
That I'll never be good enough.
The walls closed in around me and I was crushed by fear.
My pleas for help fell on deaf ears.
You watched me fucking struggle.
You let me fucking burn.
I lashed out, frustrated with myself.
I thought that I could trust you. Well I was fucking wrong.
Track Name: Possessed
Another blind pawn fueling this world full of hate.
Another worthless bigot in this sea of fucking shit.
Possessed by the will of god. It's a lost fucking cause.
Enveloped by the shadow of faith. Fate surrendered, the shell remains.
Track Name: Choke
Here's a pamphlet, praise the Lord. Your life is great 'cause you've found God. Now you spread his holy word and shove your cross down my throat. Lost in a void. Trapped in denial. Detached from reality. Raised by liars. Stop wasting your fucking time. You're out of your fucking mind. There was no test for you to pass. Swallow the cross and fucking choke.