by Falter MKE

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Hydrogen Man Records
Recorded July 2015 by Matt Russell at Minbal Studios Chicago
Mastered by Carl Saff
Artwork by Matt Stolzenberg


released October 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Falter MKE Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Slipping
I have no value beyond my skin and bones.
There’s something wrong with me, I am flawed. Cursed with a heart of
There’s something wrong with me, deep inside.
There’s something wrong with me, I’ll never find.
Too far gone, can’t be saved now. Followed this path for too many years.
Tortured myself searching for what? I knew the truth. There was nothing there.
It’s getting darker. Slipping further. Can’t be saved now. Something’s wrong with me.
Track Name: Captive
Spines broken. Skin ripped from flesh.
Lifeless bodies stain the dirt. Worthless carcasses piled high.
You support this genocide. I wish on you something worse.
Captive. Born enslaved. Wait for death. Life of fear. Fate from birth. No escape.
They’ll never know happiness. I wish on you something worse.
Captive. Fate from birth. Only death. Captive. No escape. Only death.
Track Name: Draining
I don’t want to interact. Prying eyes everywhere I turn.
Shut my mouth, avert my gaze. Overwhelmed. Blinded by hate.
Forced conversation. Uncommon ground. Feigning interest in the bullshit you say.
I’m sick of talking, I’m sick of listening. Why am I here? I hate this place.
I’d rather be anywhere else. Don’t come near me. Leave me alone.
Social obligations. Petty trends. Following cues. Maintaining “friends”.
I fucking get it, I don’t fit in. I’m antisocial. I don’t connect.I’d rather be anywhere else. Don’t come near me. Leave me alone.
Draining. Leave me alone. Draining. Don’t come near me.
Track Name: Discontent
I don’t care, I never did. I have always felt like this. Discontent and isolated.
Years add up, it’s sinking in. Not enough. A constant itching. Every road leads to nothing.
I always thought things would work out but that wasn’t enough.
I struggled and suffered. It wasn’t worth it. Why did I try?
I long for days past when I felt hope. Before I knew the truths my life holds.
I once saw light. My future once was bright.
Track Name: Not Welcome
Devoid of moral. Devoid of thought. Blind probing parasites. Infiltrating everything.
You’re not welcome here.
Release your fucking tendrils. This isn’t a place for you.
Get out. Get fucked. Go back where you belong.