C7 Split W​/​Milorganaut

by Falter MKE

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released January 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Falter MKE Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Tension/Regression
It feels like I'm holding out for something that will never happen. Another soul lost to false hope. I'm out of coping mechanisms. I can't escape this disease. Sick on fear. Sick of these doubts. Thoughts turn against me. Lose myself. Mind folds in. Consumes itself. Everything blurs. Nothing is real. Tension. Regression. Human condition. Trapped in my head. My body is a prison.
Track Name: Carcass
Treat me like I'm a freak 'cause you dislike how I think. I see no appeal in consuming dead flesh. I refuse to contribute to this disgusting holocaust. Born in a prison. Destined for a plate. You have the nerve to get mad because I don't think that's right? This is bigger than your petty hate. This is a moral stance you heartless motherfucker.
Track Name: Cave In
I don't know why I wake up. Open my eyes. I already hate this. All the days run together. Alive or dead? I can't remember. I don't know why I try to sleep. Ritual decay. Hopeless escape. Every night lasts a lifetime. I really think I've lost my mind. Gets harder and harder every single day. Perpetual quest to relieve this pain. I don't have a reason to open my eyes. I don't want to talk. I just want to die. Plague disciple. Worn thin. Plague disciple. Worn thin. Plague disciple. Worn thin. Plague disciple. Cave in.